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Guy Beougher

Former COO, DLA; VP Logistics, Cypress International


Guy C. Beougher, SES (Ret.)

Vice President of DOD/Federal Logistics, Supply Chain and Energ Cypress International

Mr. Beougher retired from Federal Service as an SES after over a 40-year military and federal civilian career focused on leadership, logistic operations, supply-chain management, resource management, strategic planning, enterprise management, integrated logistics support, energy and change management. He served 15 years overseas in leadership and logistics positions, which includes tours of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Germany, Korea and Canada. His final position in government was as the COO (Deputy Director of Operations/J3) for the Defense Logistics Agency orchestrating six supply chains, Distribution and Disposition Services of an Agency with 27,000 employees obligating and providing over $42 billion worth of DOD and Whole of Government support annually. Mr. Beougher was also the DLA Energy Deputy Commander. During that period, he also served as the Acting DLA Energy Commander for over six months.

Mr. Beougher has led soldiers and civilians at every level from a platoon of 65 truck drivers through full Colonel and Senior Executive Service Tier II. He commanded a Support Brigade of over 4,000 logisticians and as Tier II SES in a Four-Star Command led a logistics staff responsible for policy supporting over 448,000 soldiers and 13,000 civilians during a stressful time of government sequestration and shut- downs.

His stewardship of resources and budgets ranged from an Army Division with an annual budget of over $100 million, to Logistic Operations in Iraq with an annual budget of over a $100 billion. He’s been responsible for planning and programming an $18 billion budget for tactical wheeled vehicles and combat service support equipment for the US Army over a Planning, Programming, Budget and Execution System (PPBES) cycle.

His academic credentials supporting executive qualifications include Life Cycle Logistics DAWIA level III Certified, MS Degree in Strategic and National Resources, MS Degree in Material Acquisition Management, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business, multiple US Army sponsored schooling in logistics and leadership, and a fellowship with Marriott Corporate Headquarters serving as a Resource Manager.

Mr Beougher served on the Defense Science Board for Defense Critical Infrastructure and is serving in the Distribution Committee of NDTA as the co-lead for their Energy Committee.