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DMI is a center of excellence for defense management issues.

The Defense Management Institute, established in 2022, is a non-partisan research organization committed to bridging public and private sector efforts to advance the management, organization, performance improvement, and enterprise business operations of the Department of Defense. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks stated that “the DMI will contribute to that effort by learning from the best of the public and private sectors and helping us to constantly update and improve our management practices.”

Expertise Where It Counts

Advancing the management, organization, performance improvement, and enterprise business operations of the Department of Defense by developing a network of expertise, conducting cutting-edge research, and developing a digital repository on defense management issues.


Deep expertise in DOD organization, management, and process. This capability comes from a long history of relevant research, ready access to experts with experience and subject matter knowledge on DOD systems and practices, and a proven ability to apply private sector lessons learned to the unique circumstances of the Department.

Network of Experts

The ability to draw upon world-class experts from diverse sources across the public and private sectors–federally-funded research and development centers, think tanks, academia, and the private sector. An expanding network of experts can be leveraged as part of a DMI team or directly to address the Department’s most challenging issues.

Knowledge Base

Creator of an accessible library of DOD management history, best practices, and lessons learned. This capability requires systems and resources to identify and link to significant written products, including supporting data and other documentation, on defense management issues across the research community.

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DMI research demonstrates that management challenges affect all aspects of the Department’s activities. To support the Department, these management issues – and associated experts, documents, research, and lessons learned – are grouped into foundational pillars.

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