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Simone Robers


Management and Governance, Organization and Alignment

Mrs. Robers has over 16 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research and analysis with a focus on organization design, organizational effectiveness and operations, military education and training requirements, and federal interagency collaboration management. She has over 13 years’ experience executing leadership functions and senior leadership engagements, directing and overseeing multi-million-dollar contracts and studies at the federal level. At CNA she serves as Research Program Director for the Organizations, Roles, and Missions (ORM) program within the Operational Warfighting Division. Her work focuses on the responsibilities, dynamics, and operational effectiveness of the U.S. military, with a specialization on issues relevant to the Navy, Marine Corps, Space Force, and the Joint Combatant Commands. She also supports operational training, education, and readiness programs to advance warfighting readiness.

Mrs. Robers has led and supported high-profile efforts such as the development of the independent plan “to establish a separate military department responsible for the national security space activities of the Department of Defense” – the establishment of the United States Space Force. Mrs. Robers has directed various studies focused on: organizational alignment; command and control (C2) structures; service componency; the stand-up of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Space Force space service components at the combatant commands; space supporting capabilities of the Navy and Marine Corps; and oversight options for the ASD for space policy. Mrs. Robers currently serves as the project director for a multi-million- dollar USSF umbrella study executing studies on USSF engagement strategies, the application of artificial intelligence in space, cyber-security protection measures in space, and space force service component support to combatant commands. Further, Mrs. Robers is the project director for a study focused on the organizational structure of Joint Task Force – Civil Support (JTF-CS), the elite response JTF for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN), and Homeland Defense and All Hazards Defense to Civil Authorities (DSCA) events operations (i.e., hurricanes; earthquakes; fires; and bio-medical, particularly COVID-19) in the US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) area of responsibility (AOR).

Mrs. Robers holds a master’s degree in sociology and a certification in project management and has expertise in: assessment and evaluation; education and training; qualitative analysis; federal statistical standards; contract and financial management; oversight of research, data sharing and analysis; and report writing and quality control. Before joining CNA, Mrs. Robers was a senior researcher and project director at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) in Washington, DC.