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2014 Supplement Congressional Report on Business Operations : Department of Defense , March 11, , 2014

March 11, 2014

Department of Defense

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From the introduction: “As defined in title 10 United States Code § 2222, a “covered” defense business system (DBS) is a DBS anticipated to cost over $1M over the period of the Future Years Defense Program, regardless of appropriation type. This supplement provides the following system data tables with certification results for these systems: • Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Certification Results – identifies the FY 2013 system certification requests and approvals. This is an update to the supplement of primary cycle certification requests provided in the FY 2013 Congressional Report on Defense Business Operations. It includes certification results for out-of-cycle requests and corrections made to data errors discovered while reconciling final certification results. For FY 2013, the Defense Business Council (DBC) reviewed primary and out-of-cycle certification requests totaling $7,921M for 1,272 DBS and approved $7,611M for 1,259 DBS.”

Authors - Deputy Chief Management Officer


Deputy Chief Management Officer


Department of Defense


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