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A Guide to Adaptive Government: Preparing for Disruption : IBM Center for The Business of Government , March , 2023

March 2023

IBM Center for The Business of Government

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From the document: "This report provides government executives and managers with new strategies, techniques, and tools to accelerate their digital transformation and prepare for the future in light of continuous disruption. Rather than operating “business as usual,” government agencies and departments now have to plan and operate for “business as disrupted.” Governments therefore need to not only transform their business models, processes, and services, but to create an adaptive government, like an adaptive enterprise, at their core. Much like the U.S. military’s defense readiness condition (DEFCON) system—which prescribes five levels of readiness in terms of states of alert—this intrinsic ability to change makes it far easier, and faster, to react to dynamically changing and unpredictable conditions. As societal goals and corresponding government services evolve over time, intrinsic agility, built into the way governments operate and deliver services to citizens, will enable even faster response to the changing needs of the population (see Figure 1)."

Authors - Evans, Nicholas D.



Evans, Nicholas D.


IBM Center for The Business of Government


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