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A National Evaluation of the Effect of Trauma-Center Care on Mortality : New England Journal of Medicine , January 26, , 2006

January 26, 2006

New England Journal of Medicine

From the Abstract: "Background: Hospitals have difficulty justifying the expense of maintaining trauma centers without strong evidence of their effectiveness. To address this gap, we examined differences in mortality between level 1 trauma centers and hospitals without a trauma center (non-trauma centers).

Methods: Mortality outcomes were compared among patients treated in 18 hospitals with a level 1 trauma center and 51 hospitals non-trauma centers located in 14 states. Patients 18 to 84 years old with a moderate-to-severe injury were eligible. Complete data were obtained for 1104 patients who died in the hospital and 4087 patients who were discharged alive. We used propensity-score weighting to adjust for observable differences between patients treated at trauma centers and those treated at non-trauma centers."



et al., MacKenzie, Ellen J.


New England Journal of Medicine

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