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Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management, Federal ERM Areas of Practice Guidance , 2021

From the document: "Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) Federal ERM Areas of Practice Guidance 2021: • Governance, • ERM Maturity Model and Maturity Assessment, • Risk Appetite Statement, and • Establishing the Context. This document is intended to provide guidance and is not meant to be an enforceable standard against which an agency ERM program is assessed. The key principles and subprinciples provided herein are intended to support and not conflict with requirements established by authoritative government entities such as the Office of Management and Budget, and guidance / recommendations provided through the Federal ERM Playbook. By design, these sources of government ERM program guidance provide agencies with significant flexibility and latitude to structure ERM programs to meet the unique mission, culture and needs of the organization. This document amplifies those government sources with key attributes associated with various Federal ERM areas of practice."



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