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Biennial Review Series: 2013-2018 Review of Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities : Department of Defense , April , 2019

April 2019

Department of Defense

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From the introduction: "Since 1986, Section 192(c) of Title 10, United States Code (U.S.C), has stated that “periodically, the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) shall review the services and supplies provided by each Defense Agency and DoD Field Activity.” This statute establishes two purposes for the review, which are to ensure: 1. There is a continuing need for each such Defense Agency and DoD Field Activity; and 2. The provision of those services and supplies by each such Defense Agency and DoD Field Activity, rather than by the Military Departments, is a more effective, economical, or efficient manner of providing those services and supplies or of meeting the requirements for combat readiness of the Armed Forces."


Secretary of Defense


Department of Defense


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