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Defense Dollars Saved Through Reforms Can Boost the Military’s Lethality and Capacity : The Heritage Foundation , May 26, , 2023

May 26, 2023

The Heritage Foundation

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From the Summary: "Defense spending should be tied to a national defense strategy that is designed to protect the nation’s security interests. Economic security is also national security, and out-of-control federal spending has helped contribute to the current inflation and the ever-expanding national debt threatening the nation. To this end, Congress should look carefully at potential defense savings and efficiencies as it seeks to decrease the amount spent on non-defense spending and inefficiencies. To the extent that they are able, the Department of Defense and Congress should identify efficiencies within the defense budget and ensure that taxpayers’ dollars are being allocated responsibly and to the right priorities."

Authors - Spoehr, Thomas, Beaver, Wilson


Spoehr, Thomas, Beaver, Wilson


The Heritage Foundation


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