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Developing the Department of the Air Force Military Workforce of the Future Implications from the 2023 Air Force Global Futures Report : RAND Corporation , March 18, , 2024

March 18, 2024

RAND Corporation

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"In March 2023, the Air Force Futures office released the Air Force Global Futures Report: Joint Functions in 2040, which describes scenarios ranging from continued great-power competition to the collapse of the global world order. In this paper, the author considers how the Department of the Air Force should develop its military workforce now to prepare for the scenarios described in the Global Futures Report.  

A key takeaway is that, while the Department of the Air Force can take specific actions to prepare for each individual future scenario, ultimately it must incorporate more flexible and dynamic personnel management practices in the short term to prepare for whatever future environment emerges."

Authors - Atkinson, Kelly



Atkinson, Kelly


RAND Corporation


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