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DoD Instruction 5200.44, Protection of Mission Critical Functions to Achieve Trusted Systems and Networks (TSN) , November 5, , 2012

November 5, 2012

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From the document: "PURPOSE. This Instruction, in accordance with the authorities in DoD Directive (DoDD) 5134.01 (Reference (a)) and DoDD 5144.02 (Reference (b)): a. Establishes policy and assigns responsibilities to minimize the risk that DoD’s warfighting mission capability will be impaired due to vulnerabilities in system design or sabotage or subversion of a system’s mission critical functions or critical components, as defined in this Instruction, by foreign intelligence, terrorists, or other hostile elements. b. Implements the DoD’s TSN strategy, described in the Report on Trusted Defense Systems (Reference (c)) as the Strategy for Systems Assurance and Trustworthiness, through Program Protection and cybersecurity implementation to provide uncompromised weapons and information systems. The TSN strategy integrates robust systems engineering, supply chain risk management (SCRM), security, counterintelligence, intelligence, cybersecurity, hardware and software assurance, and information systems security engineering disciplines to manage risks to system integrity and trust. c. Incorporates and cancels Directive-Type Memorandum 09-016 (Reference (d)). d. Directs actions in accordance with the SCRM implementation strategy of National Security Presidential Directive 54/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 23 (Reference (e)), section 806 of Public Law 111-383 (Reference (f)), DoDD 5000.01 (Reference (g)), DoDI 5000.02 (Reference (h)), DoDI 8500.01 (Reference (i)), Committee on National Security Systems Directive No. 505 (Reference (j)), and National Institute for Science and Technology Special Publication 800-161 (Reference (k))."



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