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Enterprise Risk Management Solutions: A Case Study : Naval Postgraduate School , June , 2008

June 2008

Naval Postgraduate School

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From the abstract: "In recent years, financial risk management has received increasing attention from managers in both private and public enterprises, regulatory agencies, and elected officials. The purpose of this research is to prepare a case study of a firm that seeks to provide a risk management solution for organizations. The case study resulted in a business plan, which was strategic in scope with a significant portion of the analysis concentrating on the firm’s competitive positioning within the industry and an assessment of the direction the firm should move to achieve future success. This case study provides the sponsoring firm’s management team with a comprehensive, realistic, and unbiased strategic analysis with several unique recommended courses of action for its future operating, management and financial decisions."

Authors - Hays, Douglas C.



Hays, Douglas C.


Naval Postgraduate School


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