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Government for the Future: Reflection and Vision for Tomorrow’s Leaders, Chapter 7: Assessing Risk : IBM Center for The Business of Government , September , 2018

September 2018

IBM Center for The Business of Government

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From the document: "This world is fraught with uncertainty, and all activities entail a certain level of risk. The increasing complexity and interconnectedness of today’s society only ups the ante on the unknown. What makes a difference for individuals and organizations alike is how well they can handle an uncertain environment, with risks ranging from financial to reputational to operational. The way to manage this uncertainty is to build government’s capacity to anticipate and be resilient – to prepare for the future and its effects. Government agencies are hardly immune to the effects of uncertainty, such as sequestration, budget cuts, or a government shutdown. Along with these threats, each day federal agency leaders face similar, as well as unique, risks associated with fulfilling their respective program missions."

Authors - Keegan, Michael J.



Keegan, Michael J.


IBM Center for The Business of Government


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