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Has Department of Defense Acquisition Reform Policy Addressed the Problems Facing Acquisitions Professionals? : Naval Postgraduate School , June , 2022

June 2022

Naval Postgraduate School

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From the abstract: "This qualitative study analyzes how well recent acquisitions reform policies have addressed the modern difficulties facing acquisition professionals in an attempt to improve acquisition policy. The study reviews literature, case studies, surveys and interviews from previous program managers, and policy and legislation, and then compiles the aggregate results to develop a clearer view of how acquisition reform policy is addressing the problems faced by acquisition professionals. The primary goals of the study are to a) identify the main problems facing DOD acquisition, b) examine recent acquisition reform policies to determine if they address those issues identified, and c) provide recommendations for policy makers to shape acquisitions reforms and legislation in the future. Analysis of our findings suggests that defense acquisition policies and legislation are not addressing the critical issues faced by acquisition professionals and add layers of bureaucracy, further complicating the acquisitions process. Additional research into the factors effecting successful and unsuccessful acquisitions is warranted for a more thorough analysis."

Authors - Hutchings, Amy R., Sullivan, Christina A., Warner, Maria E.



Hutchings, Amy R., Sullivan, Christina A., Warner, Maria E.


Naval Postgraduate School


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