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Helping Governments Prepare for Future Crises: Using Metrics to Address Transformational Events : IBM Center for The Business of Government , August , 2023

August 2023

IBM Center for The Business of Government

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From the document: "Of the numerous bills that distributed funds to individuals, businesses and government entities, only the Coronavirus State and local Recovery Funds (CSLFRF) allocations came with mandated state reporting requirements. The creation and inclusion of performance metrics in required annual reports to the federal government is commendable. However, the limited scope for which metrics were required, and lack of guidance for design of measures, resulted in information that was not sufficiently comprehensive nor comparable. To address this challenge, this report explores how states distributed CSLFRF allocations and the metrics they developed to measure that spending as reported to the U.S. Treasury in required annual filings. An overview of all 50 states frame a more in-depth examination of three representative states with varied landscapes—Colorado, Florida, and Illinois—as case studies."

Authors - Kunz, Karen, Pattison, Scott



Kunz, Karen, Pattison, Scott


IBM Center for The Business of Government


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