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Improving the Business Operations Culture of the DoD , November 15, , 2023

November 15, 2023

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From the executive summary: "Establishing or changing the culture of any organization is hard and requires commitment, constant communication, and organizational buy-in over a long and sustained number of years. To establish or change the culture of an organization the size and scope of the Department of Defense (DoD or the ‘Department’), may be, as an established senior executive stated, “nearly impossible.” Aside from the sheer size of DoD (3.4 million employees) and the associated challenges of communication, the frequency of senior leadership turnover, the decentralized organizational structure, and the drumbeat that DoD is already the best military power in the world (implying to some that there is no need to change or improve), developing practical and impactful recommendations to change the culture is indeed daunting. To be sure, there are legal impediments that are problematic such as annual appropriations that have created a culture of “spend every dime before midnight on 30 September” and “spend every dime or risk losing it next year,” that no commercial enterprise would encourage or allow."

Authors - Defense Business Board (DBB)


Defense Business Board (DBB)


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