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Innovation Adoption for All: Scaling Across the Department of Defense : War on the Rocks , April 3, , 2024

April 3, 2024

War on the Rocks

From the article: "Across the Department of Defense, today’s watchword is innovation. In 2018, Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and the first chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board, aptly declared that “the [Department of Defense] does not have an innovation problem; it has an innovation adoption problem.” Unlike the fundamental technologies behind nuclear-powered submarines, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and stealth aircraft, an increasing percentage of the technological breakthroughs that provide a real combat edge for U.S. warfighters are coming from commercial firms outside the traditional defense industrial base. Through the endeavors of organizations like the Defense Innovation Unit, AFWERX, and Army Futures Command, myriad opportunities exist to build prototypes to solve military problems."

Authors - Work, Robert, Brown, Michael, Lord, Ellen



Work, Robert, Brown, Michael, Lord, Ellen


War on the Rocks

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