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Managing like “Maverick” in today’s turbulent, dynamic environment : Supply Chain Management Review , July , 2023

July 2023

Supply Chain Management Review

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From the document: "Last year saw the release of Top Gun: Maverick—an American action-drama film. This 2022 film saw the hero, Peter “Maverick” Mitchell, overcome obstacles and successfully achieve his objectives by relying on fast decision-making. For the world of combat involving jet fighters, such decision-making is necessary for survival. After all, you are operating in a world where airplanes are engaged in combat at speeds ranging between 1,000 mph to 1,600 mph (which means that they are closing with speeds double that). You must make decisions quickly; waiting to be sure often results in you being dead. These insights not only apply to the world of jet warfare; they are also relevant to the supply chain manager working in today’s highly dynamic and turbulent environment. This is a world in which data is ever increasing and pervasive; data is often incomplete and conflicting; uncertainty replaces risk. In such an environment, decision-makers, especially supply chain managers, must be prepared to act quickly and decisively. Like the jet fighter pilot, you cannot often afford to wait for things to clear up."

Authors - Melnyk, Steven A., Little, Nick, Levy II, Lee K.


Melnyk, Steven A., Little, Nick, Levy II, Lee K.


Supply Chain Management Review


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