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Military Recruiter Access to High Schools: Improving Policy and Practice : RAND Corporation , April 9, , 2024

April 9, 2024

RAND Corporation

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"Graduating high school students are a critical source of new recruits for the U.S. military, and federal statutes require that military recruiters be given the same access to high schools that colleges and employers receive. Despite this, many schools are unclear about their obligations to provide military recruiters access, and enforcement mechanisms are not well understood. As a result, recruiters' access to schools varies widely.

In this report—the first systematic analysis of issues that recruiters face in accessing secondary schools and their students—the authors seek to provide the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with analysis and recommendations on how to improve recruiters' access to high schools and the process for gaining compliance from noncompliant schools. The authors analyzed public data on high schools and DoD data on the challenges recruiters have faced, and they interviewed recruiters and school representatives."

Authors - Karam, Rita T., Hall, Kimberly Curry, Shenk, Anton



Karam, Rita T., Hall, Kimberly Curry, Shenk, Anton


RAND Corporation


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