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Opportunities for Management when Budgeting : IBM Center for The Business of Government , February , 2024

February 2024

IBM Center for The Business of Government

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From the report: "Recognizing the need to improve the federal government’s capacity to take on an evolving array of old and new challenges, Congress and successive administrations have made management improvement a focus. But allocating resources to implement these efforts has too often fallen short. Insufficient attention to improving federal management in developing and executing the federal budget leaves federal agencies lagging behind the private sector in adopting and scaling up innovative business practices. The government finds itself at a disadvantage in exploiting new technology and implementing management innovation across its many complicated and diverse responsibilities. New technologies now drive change and societal disruption, along with natural disasters and manmade crises. New technologies also present a continuing stream of new policy challenges, demanding both urgent and thoughtful responses. The federal government has catalyzed much of this innovation—pioneering technologies and investing in research and development on many fronts, ranging from medicine to defense to space exploration to computing. Ironically, however, government is frequently a late adopter of technology in its own operations. Advances in technology, as well as innovation in business processes, can help governments manage work in new ways. However, the ability of the U.S. federal government to leverage new solutions for its many operating challenges has faced many constraints; agency responses to these opportunities have often been sluggish, disjointed, and inadequate. Over time, the federal government has fallen farther behind frontiers at which leading private organizations operate."

Authors - Redburn, Steve


Redburn, Steve


IBM Center for The Business of Government


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