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Performance Improvement Council Quick Reference: Performance Measurement Basics

From the document: "If someone asked you to drive from Kansas City to San Francisco in a car with no speedometer, no fuel gauge, no odometer, no oil pressure gauge, and no thermostat, you’d likely say no. These gauges are so essential to our understanding of how the car is performing that many of us cannot imagine driving without them; we rely on them to help us arrive at our destination safely. Similarly, performance measures are the “gauges“ that show us how a program and organization are performing. They are descriptive, not diagnostic. They tell us how things are going (e.g., we’re almost out of gas) but don’t explain why (e.g., we missed the exit and didn’t fill up in time). Good performance measures: • Inform strategic planning and goal setting • Strengthen accountability • Enhance decision making • Lead to consistently improved service delivery"



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