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Preparing for the Future of Combat Casualty Care: Opportunities to Refine the Military Health System's Alignment with the National Defense Strategy : RAND Corporation , 2021


RAND Corporation

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From the Report: "The Military Health System (MHS), through its global network of facilities and providers, meets the health care needs of more than 9 million service members and their dependents during peacetime. It is also responsible for treating casualties during combat operations and in the aftermath of disasters and humanitarian crises. The 2018 National Defense Strategy emphasizes a need to prepare for future combat operations that could be distinctly different from those of the past few decades. The evolving security environment is characterized by precision missile strike capabilities and a risk that adversaries will target critical military infrastructure. These types of attacks could significantly degrade U.S. combat capabilities and significantly increase casualties."

Authors - Thomas, Brent



Thomas, Brent


RAND Corporation


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