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Project Risk Management: How to Avoid Failure , August , 2019

August 2019

"The book is about RBPS (Risk Based Problem Solving) and RBDM (Risk Based Decision Making). Every project is subjected to the known risks and the unknown risks. Known risks are the four constraints of a project. The four constraints are; scope; schedule; cost; and quality. Unknown risks are the uncertainties and variances that surround every project. The book discusses in detail, with examples and risk stories to support the points made in the book, PM, RM, EVM, and Subcontract Management (SM). Understanding these four disciplines and how to incorporate them into a project, is essential to effective RBPS and RBDM. Project Management knowledge and skills are necessary to manage the known risks. Risk Management knowledge and skills are essential to identifying, assessing and mitigating unknown risks. Earned Value Management is important to tracking and controlling risk mitigation plans. Many companies outsource most of their work scope to subcontractors, so having Subcontract Management knowledge and skills is key to mitigating subcontract risks. The future of work is also discussed in detail. Future work will be projectized more. Working remotely is a trend that is increasing. Project Managers will have a more difficult problem in the future managing a diverse workforce of on-site, remote, and part-time workers. You need to be aware of future trends.The book is structured in a logical sequence and is easy to read. Step by step processes are presented in a logical way with practical examples to help you understand the process. Most of the methods and techniques discussed in the book are based on my DOD experience. However, these techniques also apply to the IT, and Construction Industries."

Authors - Ayers, John

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