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Quadrennial Defense Review Report: A Defense Risk Management Framework : Department of Defense , February , 2010

February 2010

Department of Defense

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From the report: "The depth, scope, and scale of activities that the Department of Defense undertakes every day are unparalleled. From employing forces in operations around the world, to providing education, health care, and housing for our people, to researching, developing, testing, and fielding new technologies, the Department has a unique set of global responsibilities. As described earlier, defense strategy requires making choices: accepting and managing risk is thus inherent in everything the Department does. Although difficult, risk management is central to effective decision-making and is vital to our success. For our nation, it can mean the difference between victory and defeat; for our men and women in uniform and their families, such decisions have life-and-death consequences. That is why the Department is focused so centrally on rebalancing our capabilities and reforming our institutions to better enable success in today’s wars while preparing for a wide range of contingencies."

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Department of Defense


Department of Defense


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