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Recruiting Civilian Expertise: Developing a Skills-Based Hiring Model for Direct Accession into the Military : Naval Postgraduate School , December , 2023

December 2023

Naval Postgraduate School

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From the abstract: "The Singapore military is exploring how to implement skills-based hiring in light of the government's emphasis and its growing adoption worldwide. This research presents a proof-of-concept methodology on how the military can employ skills-based hiring to recruit civilians with relevant skills to join its ranks as well as a novel way to quantify its merit using market data. I chose aircraft maintenance as the research subject, given that the skills for the military and civilian jobs are largely similar. Employing LinkedIn and various market data, I found that the value of skills-based hiring over traditional hiring depends on the job's context—whether it attracts the right profile of workers that the organization needs. In the study's context, skills-based hiring incentivizes younger technicians with more diverse skill sets, attracting more workers at the ME3-1 and ME3-2 ranks. Consequentially, highly skilled civilians at these ranks are accorded a higher entry rank compared to military technicians with average performance, which can create discontentment among the latter. Informed by the results, the study proposes that the military evaluate its manning and expertise gaps in deciding on the adoption of skills-based hiring and perhaps consider a hybrid model that can marry the merits of skills-based and traditional hiring practices. The methodology can also be used to quantify the value of skills-based hiring for other jobs beyond the military."

Authors - Ng, Kenneth G.



Ng, Kenneth G.


Naval Postgraduate School


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