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DIU 3.0: Scaling Defense Innovation for Strategic Impact , February , 2024

February 2024

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From the document: "For the Department of Defense to meet this challenge from the PRC—while simultaneously addressing other threats facing the nation—it must complement its more traditional defense acquisition pathways with disruptive innovation from the tech sector. And it must do so with the focus, speed, and scale necessary to deter major conflict, or win if forced to fight. Recognizing this, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III realigned DIU as a direct report this past April and charged its new Director with developing a plan to similarly elevate DIU’s impact. His decision is a reflection of the central role that commercially derived technologies must play in the Department’s efforts to counter the pacing challenge of the PRC, meet the acute threat from Russia, and simultaneously address other threats across the globe."

Authors - Beck, Douglas A.



Beck, Douglas A.


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