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Addressing Barriers to Female Officer Retention in the Air Force : RAND Corporation , 2018


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "Women are underrepresented among the Air Force’s senior leadership compared with their representation among the lower ranks. One factor contributing to this underrepresentation is that women tend to leave the active duty Air Force at higher rates than men. This report documents the results of a qualitative study designed to better understand the factors that female Air Force officers consider when deciding whether to remain in or separate from the active duty Air Force. The study conducted a total of 54 focus groups with 295 female Air Force officers in the spring of 2016 from across 12 different Air Force installations. The report describes the key retention factors identified through these focus groups and provides recommendations for improving Air Force policies and programs to help address potential barriers and improve female officer retention."



et al., Payne, Leslie Adrienne, Keller, Kirsten M., Hall, Kimberly Curry, Matthews, Miriam, Saum-Manning, Lisa


RAND Corporation


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