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An Analysis of Alternative Operating Models for Department of Energy Category I Security Sites : Institute for Defense Analyses , August , 2016

August 2016

Institute for Defense Analyses

From the abstract: “IDA was tasked by the Department of Energy (DOE) to analyze alternative operational models for security at DOE's Category I nuclear sites. DOE was asked whether protective force and other associated security functions should be performed by a federalized workforce, and if not, what contractual model would be best. To evaluate alternatives, the study applies a framework for Highly-Reliable Organizations. In such organizations, management simplicity and clarity are essential for reliable performance of security functions. The study finds that the military's supported-supporting command relationship provides the simplest, most effective management structure. Under this model, a focused prime-contractor security force creates the necessary operating capabilities and they are employed under the operational control of the mission lead for each site (i.e., the security force is in support of the mission leader.). The federalization alternative could also, in theory, provide a focused, professional security force. But, the challenge of building and sustaining a force under the civil service system presents significant transitional and log-term challenges. Integrating security into the M&O umbrella contract places security within LLC teaming arrangements that are often too complex and opaque to be considered a highly-reliable management tool.”


Graham, David, Richanbach, Paul H., Milstead, Jessie L., Thompson, Paul M., Hunter, David


Institute for Defense Analyses


Paper P-5307

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