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An Independent Assessment of US Special Operations Command Roles and Missions, Volume II: Appendixes. : Institute for Defense Analyses , May , 2006

May 2006

Institute for Defense Analyses

From the abstract: “IDA reviewed the new responsibilities assigned to USSOCOM as the lead combatant command for planning, synchronizing, and when directed executing global operations against terrorist networks (March 2005 Unified Command Plan). The IDA study describes actions taken to fulfill this new responsibility, and identifies significant remaining challenges raised by the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). These fall into five areas: a) the need for a campaign plan for GWOT; b) development of mechanisms to exercise SOCOM’s newly-assigned authorities and responsibilities for "synchronization" of GWOT; c) the need for SOCOM to engage in inter-agency campaign planning, especially with the Department of State; d) establishing SOCOM’s role as a demanding consumer of intelligence, and e)assessing and providing necessary resources.”


Graham, David, Johnson, Hansford T., Richanbach, Paul H., Baratto, David J., Coe, Andrew J., Ziemke, Caroline F.


Institute for Defense Analyses


Paper P-4124-VOL-II

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