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An Integrated Survey System for Addressing Abuse and Misconduct Toward Air Force Trainees During Basic Military Training : RAND Corporation , 2015


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "In response to several high-profile incidents of sexual misconduct by military training instructors during U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT), in 2012 the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command asked RAND Project AIR FORCE to help develop an integrated survey system to help address abuse and misconduct toward trainees in the BMT environment. This report provides an overview of the survey system, including recommendations for administration, analysis, and the reporting of results. The report also outlines how this survey system fits into the broader BMT leadership feedback system and identifies additional gaps or areas for improvement to better track and monitor actual instances of and the potential for abuse and misconduct."



Keller, Kirsten M., Robson, Sean, Meadows, Sarah O., Miller, Laura L., Farris, Coreen, Stucky, Brian D., Oshiro, Marian


RAND Corporation


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