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Assessing Continuous Evaluation Approaches for Insider Threats: How can the Security Posture of the U.S. Departments and Agencies be Improved? : RAND Corporation , 2019


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "This exploratory project examines various continuous evaluation (CE) approaches to detecting insider threats that are available to the U.S. government and assesses the relevance of these approaches to the challenges posed by such insider threats. Our report defines CE as a vetting and adjudication process to review on an ongoing basis the background of an individual who has been determined eligible for access to classified information or to hold a sensitive position at any time during the period of eligibility. There are potential benefits from CE in effectiveness and cost over the current method of granting security clearances to personnel based on periodic reinvestigation and readjudication. CE, however, has yet to be widely adopted.  Over the previous decade, trusted insiders have caused extreme harm to the United States and its citizens. The scope of threats of future attacks by those who have been deemed trustworthy could range from modest to catastrophic. What capabilities exist to combat insider threats? What aspects of CE are being implemented to address insider threats? What are some costs and benefits of CE? What could be considered in the future? In this report, we will explore these and other questions."



Orrie, Rebecca, Luckey, David, Stebbins, David, Rebhan, Erin, Bhatt, Sunny D., Beaghley, Sina


RAND Corporation


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