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Beyond Trauma: High-Volume Critical Care Medicine in a Military Medical Center–Based Military–Civilian Partnership : Military Medicine , 2023


Military Medicine

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From the introduction: "Critical Care Internal Medicine (CCIM) is vital to the U.S. Military as evidenced by the role CCIM played in the COVID19 pandemic response and wartime operations. Although the profciency needs of military surgeons have been well studied, this has not been the case for CCIM. The objective of this study was to compare the patient volume and acuity of military CCIM physicians working solely at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) with those at MTFs also working part-time in a military–civilian partnership (MCP) at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (UMC)."



et al., Luan, William Patrick, Lindly, Jamie M., Kilburn, Col Jeremy P., Streit, Lt Col Stephanie M., Honsberg, Angelica


Military Medicine


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