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CNA Independent Assessment: Air Force Acquisition Return to Excellence. Alexandria, VA : Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)

Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)

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From the Summary: “A Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) memorandum, dated 18 July 2008, directed the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition (SAF/AQ) to: Provide terms of reference for an independent, 90-day assessment of the Air Force acquisition process that will identify specific problem areas and make recommendations for longer term improvement. This was to happen no later than 1 September 2008. On 18 September 2008, CNA was asked to select the members, appoint a chair, and manage the activities of an executive panel composed of retired senior uniformed and civilian executives with significant experience in managing acquisition programs and portfolios from an AF, defense, and industry perspective.”

Authors - Christle, Gary E., Davis, Dan, Porter, Gene H.



Christle, Gary E., Davis, Dan, Porter, Gene H.


Center for Naval Analyses (CNA)




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