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Cost Growth in Major Weapon Procurement Programs. IDA Paper P-3832. Alexandria, VA : Institute for Defense Analyses , 2004


Institute for Defense Analyses

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From the abstract: “[This paper] provides a detailed analysis of the causes of growth in the procurement costs of major acquisition programs from those estimated when the programs entered into the Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase. The bulk of this study is concerned with evaluation of the importance of the main pathways through which growth in the costs of major procurement programs occurs. Chapter 2 introduces the cost growth data used in the study. This is followed (in Chapter 3) by a fuller description of the ways in which procurement cost growth occurs, together with some illustrative examples. Chapters 4 through 6 take up the task of relating observed cost growth to the different ways in which it can occur. Chapter 7 summarizes the main conclusions of those chapters and sketches some recommendations for ways in which DOD processes could be changed to reduce cost growth.”



McNicol, David L.


Institute for Defense Analyses


IDA Paper P-3832


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