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Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs. Washington, DC : Government Accountability Office (GAO) , March , 2006

March 2006

Government Accountability Office (GAO)

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From the report: “GAO assessed 52 systems that represent an investment of over $850 billion, ranging from the Missile Defense Agency’s Airborne Laser to the Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical. DOD often exceeds development cost estimates by approximately 30 to 40 percent and experiences cuts in planned quantities, missed deadlines, and performance shortfalls. Such difficulties, absent definitive and effective reform outcomes, are likely to cause great turmoil in a budget environment in which there are growing fiscal imbalances as well as increasing conflict over increasingly limited resources. While these problems are in themselves complex, they are heightened by the fact that this current level of investment is by no means final and unchangeable.”



Government Accountability Office (GAO)




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