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Defense Acquisitions: DOD Has Paid Billions in Award and Incentive Fees Regardless of Acquisition Outcomes. Washington, DC : U.S. Government Accountability Office , December , 2005

December 2005

U.S. Government Accountability Office

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From the report: “The power of monetary incentives to motivate excellent contractor performance and improve acquisition outcomes is diluted by the way DOD structures and implements incentives. While there were two examples in our sample in which the Missile Defense Agency attempted to link award fees directly to desired acquisition outcomes, such as demonstrating a capability within an established schedule, award fees are generally not linked to acquisition outcomes. As a result, DOD has paid out an estimated $8 billion in award fees to date on the contracts in our study population, regardless of outcomes. The following selected programs show this disconnect.”



United States Government Accountability Office


U.S. Government Accountability Office




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