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The Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System: An Independent Assessment of Design, Implementation, and Impact.. Washington, DC : National Academy of Public Administration , June , 2010

June 2010

National Academy of Public Administration

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From the executive summary: “The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, ushered in an era of fundamental change to the Intelligence Community (IC), and underscored the urgent need for improvements in the way its agencies assess and manage their human resources. Studies conducted in the wake of the attacks conclude that agencies missed or misinterpreted signals pointing to a major terrorist attack, and that they failed to “connect the dots” linking the actions of the 9/11 terrorists to the plot. Creating a unified human capital framework that encourages individuals and intelligence agencies to work together toward a common goal became a cornerstone of the reform efforts.”



Dorn, Edwin, Blair, Dan G., Disney, Diane M., Faga, Martin C., Hawley, Kip, Hazelwood, Leo, Lachance, Janice, Massiah, Michael G.


National Academy of Public Administration


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