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5 U.S. Code, Subchapter 1 – Examination, Certification, and Appointment - Direct Hire Authority: 5 U.S. Code § 3304 – Competitive service; examinations (paragraph (a)(3)); 5 CFR 337 Subpart B

"(a)The President may prescribe rules which shall provide, as nearly as conditions of good administration warrant, for— (1) open, competitive examinations for testing applicants for appointment in the competitive service which are practical in character and as far as possible relate to matters that fairly test the relative capacity and fitness of the applicants for the appointment sought; (2) noncompetitive examinations when competent applicants do not compete after notice has been given of the existence of the vacancy; and (3)authority for agencies to appoint, without regard to the provision of sections 3309 through 3318, candidates directly to positions for which—"

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