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Next Steps on DOD Core Competency Review Task Group Report FY03-7 : Defense Business Board , September 3, , 2003

September 3, 2003

Defense Business Board

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From the report task: “At the direction of the Executive Secretary of the Senior Executive Council, the Defense Business Practice Implementation Board was tasked with providing recommendations on the Department’s recent efforts to use a management framework known as core competency. The commercial analog for this approach, developed by C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel of the Harvard Business School, has gained recognition as a framework to improve long-term competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness by focusing organizations around what they can, and should, do best. The focus of these recommendations was to determine whether a core competency perspective, and the Department’s efforts in this regard, can provide value to the Department in achieving its mission of defending the nation.”


Defense Business Board


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