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DOD Instruction 3000.15 Plan Review and Approval Process. : Department of Defense , 2020


Department of Defense

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From the document: “The contingency plan, GIF, and campaign plan review and approval process is the primary mechanism by which the DOD oversees planning guidance implementation. This process will: (1) Provide the President and Secretary of Defense with feasible and risk- and resourceinformed military options to prepare for, and respond to, designated crises and support implementation of the national defense strategy (NDS). (2) Be iterative and flexible, allowing for additional authoritative guidance, development, and revision as warranted, throughout the planning process. (3) Use CJCS, Combatant Commander (CCDR), and Service Chief military advice for evaluating a plan’s feasibility and the risk associated with its execution. (4) Be informed by independent civilian official analysis of military plans and supporting data. (5) Encourage timely and effective communication among stakeholders to build a shared understanding of the planning problem and ensure synchronized plan development.”


Department of Defense


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