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DOD Instruction 5025.01 DOD Issuances Program : Department of Defense , 2019


Department of Defense

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From the document: “The DOD will have a DOD Issuances Program for the development, coordination, approval, publication, and review of issuances. (1) Issuances will be used to codify DOD policy and guidance in accordance with this issuance, DOD Instruction (DODI) 5025.13, and Administrative Instructions (AIs) 15 and 102. (2) Issuances will consist of DODDs, DODIs, DOD manuals (DODMs), directive-type memorandums (DTMs), and AIs. See Glossary for definitions and descriptions. All other DOD publications, as defined in this Glossary, must be converted into either DODIs or DODMs when they are reissued.”


Department of Defense


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