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DOD Instruction 6130.03 Volume 2, Medical Standards for Military Service: Retention, September 4, 2020 (Incorporating Change 1, June 6, 2022) , June 6, , 2022

June 6, 2022

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From the document: “It is DOD policy that: a. Service members meet DOD medical standards established in this volume to be retained in the Military Services. b. Service members who are unable to successfully complete their assigned duties while deployed, stationed with only operational healthcare unit support, or while in garrison conditions, be referred to: (1) The Disability Evaluation System (DES), on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with DOD Instruction (DODI) 1332.18 and DODI 1332.45; or (2) For conditions not constituting a disability, the responsible Military Department for possible administrative action, in accordance with DODI 1332.14 or DODI 1332.30.”



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