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Elements of Defense Transformation : Office of the Secretary of Defense , October , 2004

October 2004

Office of the Secretary of Defense

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From the document: “In the April 2003 Transformation Planning Guidance (TPG), Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld identifies transformation as: ‘A process that shapes the changing nature of military competition and cooperation through new combinations of concepts, capabilities, people, and organizations that exploit our nation’s advantages and protect against our asymmetric vulnerabilities to sustain our strategic position, which helps underpin peace and stability in the world.’ Transformation is more than just acquiring new equipment and embracing new technology. It is rather the all encompassing process of thinking creatively in order to work better together with other parts of the Department and other agencies within the U.S. Government. It also means working better with our numerous coalition allies, leveraging new technologies and operational concepts in order to create U.S. and coalition advantage against current and potential future adversaries.”


Office of the Secretary of Defense


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