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Feasibility Study for the Consolidation of Military Medical Education and Training Organizations, Functions, and Activities (Revised) : Institute for Defense Analyses , September , 2019

September 2019

Institute for Defense Analyses

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From the summary: "The Department of Defense (DoD) maintains a uniformed medical force of nearly 190,000 personnel (115,000 Active Duty; 71,000 Reserve Component). To build and sustain a medical force of this size, the Military Health System (MHS) operates a large medical education and training (E&T) enterprise at a cost of over $2.2 billion dollars annually. The five major components running these E&T activities are the three Armed Services, the Defense Health Agency (DHA), and the Uniformed Services University (USU). Collectively, these components provide medical E&T to over 100,000 students annually through over 1,500 different programs that range from one-day seminars to postgraduate medical education, which can take up to a decade to complete."



et al., Goldberg, Matthew, John, Sarah K., Hildreth, Laura A., Lindly, Jamie M., Carrington-Fair, Dylan J.


Institute for Defense Analyses


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