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Future Deployable Medical Capabilities and Platforms for Navy Medicine : Center for Naval Analyses , February , 2002

February 2002

Center for Naval Analyses

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From the introduction: "The Director, Medical Resources, Plans, and Policy (N-931) asked CNA to analyze potential alternatives for Navy Medicine’s future deployable medical platforms, focusing on the 2015-2025 time frame. Specifically, N-931 directed CNA to: 1. Analyze future environments in which Navy Medicine will operate 2. Analyze the medical capabilities required by those future environments 3. Describe and analyze generic potential platforms that could supply those capabilities 4. Analyze the requirement-setting process and funding cycle to draw recommendations for Navy Medicine’s actions regarding future deployable medical platforms."



Carey, Neil, Grefer, James, Trost, Robert, Levy, Robert


Center for Naval Analyses


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