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Geographic Diversity in Military Recruiting. Alexandria, VA : Institute for Defense Analyses , November , 2018

November 2018

Institute for Defense Analyses

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From the executive summary: “From the beginning of the all-volunteer force (AVF) in 1974—and, indeed, in the public dialogue leading up to the implementation of the AVF—concerns were raised about various aspects of diversity in the military. The Congress chartered the Defense Manpower Commission in 1973; the Commission reported its findings in 1976. The Commission pondered whether the diversity in race, gender, economic status, educational status, and tested aptitude that been achieved to varying degrees under the draft could be sustained in an AVF. The Commission’s report highlighted geographical diversity as the one dimension along which the draft had largely been successful.”



Goldberg, Matthew, Huff, Nancy, Saizan, Alexandra, Cheng, Karen, Kimko, Dennis


Institute for Defense Analyses


IDA Document D-9079


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