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High-Risk Series: Dedicated Leadership Needed to Address Limited Progress in Most High-Risk Areas. . USA : Government Accountability Office , March , 2021

March 2021

Government Accountability Office

From the document: “Overall ratings in 2021 for 20 of GAO’s 2019 high-risk areas remain unchanged, and five regressed. Seven areas improved, one to the point of removal from the High-Risk List. Two new areas are being added, bringing our 2021 High-Risk List to 36 areas. Where there has been improvement in high-risk areas, congressional actions, in addition to those by executive agencies, have been critical in spurring progress. GAO is removing Department of Defense (DOD) Support Infrastructure Management from the High-Risk List. Among other things, DOD has more efficiently utilized military installation space; reduced its infrastructure footprint and use of leases, reportedly saving millions of dollars; and improved its use of installation agreements, reducing base support costs.”


Government Accountability Office



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