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How to Be a Junior Service member in the Pentagon.. USA : War on the Rocks , January 18, , 2018

January 18, 2018

War on the Rocks

From the document: “’In there, even admirals fetch coffee for other admirals.’ That is one of the few pieces of wisdom I was given before reporting for duty in the Pentagon in 2014. The message was clear: As a junior servicemember, you are to be seen, not heard. Unfortunately, the military does not do a good job preparing its people for “cubicle duty” or staff work. This is especially true for the Pentagon, where a strong “get out of here as quickly as possible” mentality exists. Staff duty is a dreaded, required interlude between tactical tours. And for junior personnel coming to the Pentagon by choice, the stigma is exacerbated. Military operations may be the lifeblood of service, but junior officers and enlisted personnel can have an impact while working at the Pentagon. Leveraging the networks and practices that have worked for young Americans in other industries, junior personnel are uniquely poised to make the most out of their Pentagon tours and posture the Department of Defense for future reform.”


Misso, Roger


War on the Rocks

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