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Impact of Increasing Obligated Service for Graduate Medical Education : Center for Naval Analyses , December , 2003

December 2003

Center for Naval Analyses

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From the summary: "Previous Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) studies, the Health Professions’ Retention-Accession Incentive Study (HPRAIS) [1-2] and the Life-Cycle-Cost (LCC) study [3-4], showed that: 1. Growing fully trained military physician specialists is very expensive, and the Services need to increase their return on these investments (i.e., increase physician retention)[3-4]. 2. Most uniformed physician specialties are not very responsive to increases in special pays—it takes large increases in pay to modestly increase retention [1-2]."



Christensen, Eric W., Brannman, Shayne, Rattelman, Cori


Center for Naval Analyses


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