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Improving Demographic Diversity in the U.S. Air Force Officer Corps : RAND Corporation , 2014


RAND Corporation

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From the preface: "This report provides information regarding the relative scarcity of minorities and women among senior leaders (i.e., colonel and above) in the uniformed Air Force, with the goal of identifying contributing factors and potential policy responses. The underlying research investigated various aspects of the Air Force personnel system regarding this scarcity of minority and female leadership among line officers, and it also details appropriate analytical techniques for analyzing barriers to workforce diversity. The report contains recommendations informed by the workforce data to help the Air Force achieve its diversity goals. Finally, because it is beyond the scope of this report to articulate all underlying causes of Air Force diversity, this report also highlights areas where further research is needed to identify causes, mechanisms, and solutions."



Hanser, Lawrence M., Lim, Nelson, Schulker, David, Mariano, Louis T., Cox, Amy


RAND Corporation


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